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More than 80 countries and more than 500 services to choose from. Low prices.

VK buy a virtual number to register VK
$ 0.49 per number Available 4486 pcs.
Whatsapp buy a virtual number to register Whatsapp
$ 1.31 per number Available 9918 pcs.
Telegram buy a virtual number to register Telegram
$ 2.66 per number Available 3736 pcs.
WeChat buy a virtual number to register WeChat
$ 5.11 per number Available 3667 pcs.
Google, Youtube buy a virtual number to register Google, Youtube
$ 0.09 per number Available 4449 pcs.
Facebook buy a virtual number to register Facebook
$ 0.04 per number Available 4476 pcs.
Instagram buy a virtual number to register Instagram
$ 0.02 per number Available 3525 pcs.
Yandex buy a virtual number to register Yandex
$ 0.08 per number Available 3798 pcs.
Microsoft buy a virtual number to register Microsoft
$ 0.06 per number Available 3727 pcs.
Yahoo buy a virtual number to register Yahoo
$ 0.02 per number Available 4344 pcs.
AOL buy a virtual number to register AOL
$ 0.02 per number Available 4154 pcs.
Tinder buy a virtual number to register Tinder
$ 0.04 per number Available 3539 pcs.
Mocospace buy a virtual number to register Mocospace
$ 0.03 per number Available 4106 pcs.
Uber buy a virtual number to register Uber
$ 0.02 per number Available 3934 pcs.
Amazon buy a virtual number to register Amazon
$ 0.03 per number Available 4397 pcs.
Twitter buy a virtual number to register Twitter
$ 0.02 per number Available 3695 pcs.
Other buy a virtual number to register Other
$ 5.18 per number Available 3523 pcs.
KakaoTalk buy a virtual number to register KakaoTalk
$ 0.08 per number Available 4330 pcs.

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Receiving SMS on virtual numbers online.

Get-SMS is an online resource offering rental of virtual numbers for account verification on various websites and applications requiring verification via SMS or incoming call.
Our company has been operating in the network since 2016 and today allows users to activate accounts in more than 500 services. Among such resources, you can find social networks Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Telegram, payment systems WebMoney and Yandex, email services Mail, Google and AOL, as well as other well-known services such as YouTube, Microsoft, Uber, and others.

In addition, the list of offers on our Get-SMS service includes virtual numbers for more than 80 countries around the world. This means that you can receive the necessary SMS from a phone number of a country where the geography of the number origin is important (for example, for the ChatGPT chatbot).

The company also offers a whole range of additional services, including:
Renting 4G/LTE proxies;
Long-term rental of virtual numbers;
And other add-ons.

      The advantages of working with Get-SMS

      By working with our company, Give-SMS, users get the opportunity to activate their accounts on more than 500 resources and in 80+ countries around the world. Here, you can receive an unlimited number of SMS messages from any web service around the clock, and set your own rental terms for long-term number rental. In addition, the platform has an "Articles" section from which you can regularly receive additional information. With Get-SMS, you can also participate in the partner program, which offers additional earnings, or rent 4G/LTE proxies.

      If you have any issues or questions, you can always reach out to our specialists for help. We are ready to assist you with any difficulties you may encounter.

      Welcome to Get-SMS!


      You can top up your account using various payment systems, such as Visa, Master Card, Qiwi wallet, YooMoney, UnionPay, cryptocurrencies, and others. All funds are credited automatically.

      Платежные системы которые мы принимаем к оплате на Give-SMS

      We offer

      Low prices

      We strive to maintain affordable prices for the full range of our services, starting from receiving SMS on virtual numbers and ending with proxy rental.


      All operations of our service are performed in automatic mode, including the issuance of numbers, SMS, and other, excluding human factor.

      More than 3000 numbers

      New virtual numbers are added every hour. The number of available numbers for receiving SMS is updated automatically every minute.

      Statistics of receiving sms for the week

      Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

      This is a service that allows you to receive SMS from a specific website, social network, or application that requires user verification by confirming a phone number, for a small fee. By using our service, you will maintain confidentiality, and you will not need to use your personal phone number, for example, to receive a one-time discount on a website. Or, you may need many verified accounts with a phone number for a social network to promote your product or business, but it is not profitable to buy a large number of SIM cards for this purpose.

      In most cases, a virtual number is necessary in such situations as:

      • Register an account in a messenger and/or social network without using your phone number and without buying a new SIM card, thus preserving your anonymity.
      • Get a discount, bonus, or promo code for registering a new customer on various sites where you have already registered and used your number, but want to get more.
      • To promote your business, service, or product and do mass mailings without using your personal account. You can create hundreds or even thousands of such accounts for promotion purposes.
      • Mass registration of accounts for various social networks to then sell them on various exchanges.

      This is just a few examples of using virtual numbers, in fact, the list can be endless, and Get-SMS will help you achieve your goals and become a reliable partner for you.

      At the moment, the affiliate program and other privileges for our regular clients are in the final stages of development. We are considering a reward strategy for users in different situations, which will be beneficial for both parties in the cooperation with Get-SMS.

      Not all of the answers to your questions are presented here. Read a more detailed FAQ.

      Write to us

      if you still have questions on which you have not found an answer

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